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  • World Population Map

    Maps are a core element in everything we do. They make large datasets easier to digest and are highly favoured by all people.

    Mapping Worlds specializes in cartograms, resizing countries on the map relative to a given attribute. We design both contiguous cartograms - with the shape of countries changing to safeguard their borders with neighbouring countries -  and non-contiguous cartograms. 

    Our high quality cartograms are created using in-house technology that maintains optimal recognisability of countries and allows for manual tuning. They have a high detail level, making for a classical map feel and making it easier to recognize country contours. They can be used as stand alone images or displayed as a morphing map. Cartograms are a powerful instrument for revealing proportions and comparing countries with one another.

  • Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Mapping Worlds has a library of high-quality cartograms available. We can customize the maps, use them in your data applications or license your design team the vector source files.

    Our World Population Map is recognized by its detail and overview. It found its way to the United Nations World Population 2008 Wall Chart and the lobby of Oxfam House in the United Kingdom. Our World Population series at the moment includes cartograms of the world population 1950 and current, USA population current (state level) and Netherlands populations current (province level).

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  • SHOW®

    Mapping Worlds has developed a trademark concept in cartograms. Countries are resized relative to an attribute and repositioned on the map to safeguard as much as possible the original angles and distances –all the while countries retain their original shape.

    With our interactive cartograms users can morph the world map into a cartogram and further navigate from one map to another in this manner. The visual results are striking and help users understand the concept behind cartograms.